A Warning Against WIX

A client of mine, whom implemented their site on WIX against my recommendation, has finally run into a blocker. I had indicated they would eventually encounter this sort of situation when they were making a hosting decision, but I was overridden by management whom has now left the organization, and the group is now now stuck with the result.

Recently, they requested that I implement a forum or blog for them. What I found while specing out the changes was that while WIX does offer a form of blog, it is woefully inadequate for the purposes of my client. To remedy this situation, I have been investigating the implementation of a separate blog and forum site hosted on a separate service, and linking to it from WIX. Which brings us to the crux of the issue.

The chosen site design uses a single menu at the top of the page for navigation. That seems reasonable at first, but it turns out that, in WIX, there is no way to link a menu item to an external site or page. Immediately upon searching for a resolution, I found that this has been an ongoing issue with many, many requests for a fix from WIX clients for several years. The only solution offered is to ~ “create a button”. This is not an acceptable answer as for many clients including my own, it would require a complete redesign of the site toward use of buttons instead of a standard menu structure.

As a system administrator with experience in quality assurance, programming in multiple languages, and system design among many other sills, I can categorically state that this really should be simple fix. Because it has dragged on for years, I can only assume that a design or management decision was made which is intended to keep users and those coming to their sites within the WIX environment. Bad form WIX, bad form. This really does speak to the ethics within your company.

This feature is a blocker for my clients, but I have not bothered to file a complaint with WIX; It is obvious from the long history of this issue that they have no intention of offering any sort of resolution to the situation. Again, from experience, screaming into the void of Tier 1 support and intentional misdirection by management will get you nowhere.

So, instead, I have posted this entry as a warning to current and/or future WIX users. Be warned: WIX is proving itself an unethical, substandard company offering unethical, substandard service, and you may well receive no aid from them when you need it.

Goodbye WIX. You have cost us time, lost effort, revenue, frustration, and sleep. With all due respect to your business model and your right to do so, I’ll be taking my clients elsewhere.